Spartan Cops In Hiatus

Spartan Cops is currently in mothballs. After writing fairly consistently for two years, we got squeezed for time with families and work. We found we weren’t getting any articles out so we decided to finally admit we were on a hiatus.

At some point we might write again about these topics so if you haven’t signed up for email or RSS updates, check back every so often to see if we ramped things up again.

We are keeping the site up because many of the articles are still popular and referenced by other websites. The strategy and tactics advocated here should stand the test of time fairly well.

We recommend the following police writers at other websites:

  • Fred Leland writing at LESC.
  • Richard writing at Blue Sheepdog.
  • Tom writing at The Things Worth Believing In.
  • Jim Glennon writing at Law Officer.
  • Dave Spaulding writing at Law Officer.
  • Dave Smith and Betsy Brantner Smithwriting at several places.
  • Chuck Remsburg writing the Force Science Newsletter: Still one of the best police writers after 30 years in the industry.
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