10 things police officers should always do

by Scott on June 22, 2009

Last week I listed 10 things police officers should never do. This weeks list is 10 things police officer should always do.

If you can think of other things an officer should always do, add them in the comments.

10 things police officers should always do

  1. Always wear body armor because it has proven to save officer lives.
  2. Always carry a backup gun because you may need it when you are fighting over your duty gun.
  3. Always do a felony stop at the end of a chase because you look foolish when you get shot at without cover.
  4. Always handcuff first then search because it is harder for them to resist when you find their weapon, drugs, or stolen stuff.
  5. Always stay in shape because physical conflicts favor the bigger and stronger person.
  6. Always check out on the radio before you get out to investigate suspicious people because when you call for help it would be nice for responding officers to know where you are at.
  7. Always practice dry firing every day because it is a cheap way to maintain firearms proficiency.
  8. Always recite a positive mantra while getting dressed in your uniform to remind yourself that you will always win no matter how bad a conflict gets.
  9. Always keep up with new techniques and tactics by attending training seminars and subscribing to professional magazines and websites because the true master is always a student.
  10. Always keep a reactionary gap so you don’t get sucker punched.

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VC Bowlin August 21, 2012 at 2:13 am

You left out follow the Constitution, behave ethically and Honor your Oath of office.

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