Product Review: AIMPOINT CompM4

by Scott on August 18, 2009

Editor’s Note: Every cop has a gearhead friend. Someone who has the lastest gun or piece of equipment. They have researched everything, tried everything, and know every salesman at the vendor booths during conferences. You don’t look around when you want to get something new or upgrade, you ask your gearhead friend. If he doesn’t know what to buy and where to get it for the best price, he will make it his personal mission to have those answers for you in the next 24 hours.

We actually have two gearhead friends, Dan and Kevin, who will be writing articles about police gear that they have tested.

Although their articles will mention products, websites, and salesman, none of us have received any money to promote these products. We do receive products to test and we will always disclose any products we receive for testing and if we kept them or sent them back after trying them out.

This article was written by Dan

I get the opportunity to teach and attend numerous firearms training classes each year. I always take note of what equipment is being used. It seemed as though every class had its Aimpoint and Eotech fans. I never really tried the Aimpoint to the extent that I could comment on it. There were many fans of this optic. Eotech vs. Aimpoint internet threads are too numerous to count. I decided I needed to try one out.

My main complaint about Aimpoints has been that you had to buy the sight AND a mounting system. This “problem” has been resolved with the CompM4. It comes with an integral mount. The mount is such that it ratchets to prevent guys from “monkey tightening” the mount and breaking it. It also enables the shooter to have a sight that will return to zero. I have been told by friends who have witnessed the demonstration that the sight was zeroed, removed, thrown across the range, kicked back to the line, mounted, and still maintained its zero. Impressive. I replace the integral mount with LaRue’s bomb proof mount. The LaRue mount locks onto the rail like his other mounts and will also return to zero. I have not thrown one across the range yet, but have no doubt it would work. Their stuff just works, period.

The CompM4 has a 2 MOA dot and uses one AA battery. The 2 MOA dot is easy to acquire at CQB distance. If you turn up the brightness, it actually appears bigger. At least it did to me. At distance, the 2 MOA dot is sufficient to allow the shooter to achieve MOA accuracy (assuming the shooter does their part). The CompM4 has 7 NVD compatible settings and 9 daylight settings. Battery life is 80,000 hours. That is about 7 years. I can use 1 AA from now until I am eligible for retirement. Money saved on batteries can be used for other stuff.

I had the chance to go down to Mid-South with my CompM4 on my Noveske N4 upper. I used the sight during the entire week as well as during a 3day carbine class when I returned. I shot it with and without the 3x magnifier. I was able to shoot sub to 1 MOA groups with and without the magnifier. CQB drills were easy and the dot adjusted to the various lighting conditions. The sight is definitely rugged.

If you are looking for a new optic for yourself or your team, I would recommend the CompM4 as a very viable option. The sight is rugged, comes with an integral mount, and has an insane battery life. You could leave it on 24/7 and change the battery once a year if you felt like you had to. This is a critical feature for patrol rifles that have optics mounted to them. Check them out at